Top Ten Standings Zhejiang Merchants –Lijun Chen

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USA EST time at AM 11:10 on January 31st, the 15th annual event of Top Ten Standings Zhejiang Merchants glory ascended to the crossroads of the world.


Lijun Chen, Chairman of Hangzhou Huari Industry Investment Co., Ltd

Ms. Lijun Chen, one of the 15th annual event of Top Ten Standings Zhejiang Merchants, is honored to be on the big screen at the crossroads of Times Square in New York. As an outstanding entrepreneur in China, she is elegant and confident. She persisted in her initial thinking for more than 30 years and always put high-quality and high-valuable refrigerators to the vast number of consumers as a lifelong career, won the praise of all sectors of the community. In recent years, Huari has invested heavily in the establishment of a modern production base in Dongzhou, Hangzhou. With advanced equipment, high technology and advanced mode of intelligent manufacturing, the company is at the forefront of the development of the home appliance industry. At present, more than 70% of the refrigerators of Huari brand are high lever products, and new products are adopted in 2018 such as the no frost T-type luxury refrigerator followed by modern families and the single-door mini refrigerator suitable for small-sized families, bright and beautiful, taking into account the dual functions of home appliances and accessories, while still improving the structure of the original refrigerators, in order to better adapt to the market and consumer needs.

Congratulations to our Chairman Ms. Lijun Chen. 





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