Dragon Boat Festival origins and Culture

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The Dragon Boat Festival- the 5th day of 5th month in the Chinese lunar calender, has a history more than 2000 years. The origins of Dragon Boat Festival is a famous poet Qu Yuan in Chu Emperor. Hearing that the Chu had been defeated by the Qin Emperor , he fell into despire and threw himself into Miluo Riveron the 5th day of 5th month. People were said and tossed food into the river to feet the fish to protected Qu’s body.

Today, The Dragon Boat Festival in Chinese people is still a very popular grand fstival. Country attaches great importance to the protection of intangble cultural heritage, May 20th,2016 the state council approved the inclusion of the folk first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

The customs vary a lot in different areas of the coubtry , but most of the families would do like that.

  1. Spice Bag

  2. Hanging the Pictures of ZhongKui

  3. Realgar Wine

  4. Hanging Calamus and Moxa

  5. The Culture of Rice Dumpling

  6. The Dragon Boat Race

The rice dumpling is an essential food of the Dragon Boat Festival that the people ate them in the Spring and Autumn period because of QuYuan. Except China, the custom of eating rice dumpling is now popular in north and south Korea, Japan and south Asia nations.In China, People will make the rice dumpling themselves and as a gift give the Relatives and friends. When cooked the rice dumpling and can't eat one time , please put the rice dumpling into the fridge compartment of the refrigerator to keep fresh. If you want to keep the rice dumpling exceed 0ne week, please put it into the freezer compartment, it will be more heathy.



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