Chinese New Year Blessing From Huari Refrigerator

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The founder and chairman of Huari Refrigerator Co., Ltd- Mrs.Lijun Chen, on behalf of Huari to extend new year’s wishes to all the concern and support on the Huari development people.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

Time steps into 2017, looking back to the past road, Our steps was solid and orderly. Huari have completed the transform action and upgrading of enterprises and gorgeous turn in 2016. Huari have Successfully settled in the new manufacture base in Fuyang, Dongzhou and completed the construction of China's first refrigeration base, now come into the new journey as a new attitude.

Looking back to the past one year road, Huari adhering to "learning, innovation, diligence, preciseness ," the spirit of the new era of Huari, based on high-level manufacturing intelligent manufacturing,integrated into the information technology and the core technology of refrigeration appliances, to create Huari professional quality, R & D and production of a new generation of Huari in high-level refrigerators. The series included:no-frost refrigerator, super energy-saving refrigerator and frequency conversion refrigerator, such as energy saving technology in one of the large side by side refrigerator, multi door refrigerator and cross of French the side by side refrigerator, walking in the forefront of the industry, realize the technological innovation as the leading road of the enterprise development.

The new equipments, new technology, new products have been got repeatedly industry leaders and experts guide and approval, it represents the advanced level of China's househol electrical appliance industry, and makes the strategic reserves for Huari next step in the sustainable development.

In the new year, Huari will be depends on pragmatic, innovative, based on the industry, makes product innovation, integration of technology and resources in the home appliance industry, continue expand the industrial chain, and strive to create a more dynamic and innovative spirits Huari.

On the occasion of the new year,on behalf of Zhejiang Huari Industry Investment Co., Ltd to extend new year's wishes to all the concern and support on the Huari development leaders, friends, partners, customers and your family:

Happy New year.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Lijun Chen

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